Based in Singapore, Asia Research Lab holistically supports
its clients in penetrating the Asian market confidently
through understanding targeted consumers as well as client’s competitors.

Research Reports

We have conducted several research regarding food preference and made comparison to Japan’s research findings.

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About Asia Research Laboratory

We are committed in conducting research for markets across the Asian region.

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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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Research Reports

< Region:Singapore >

Q1. How often do you travel overseas for vacation? (Multiple Choice)【n=200】


< Region:Singapore >

Q1. How often do you purchase from: (Multiple Choice)【n=200】


< Region:Singapore >

Q1. Have you come across interesting advertisement(s) on each of the following media platforms below?(Multiple Choice)【n=200】

Q2.How many times have you ever made a purchase influenced by an advertisement you come across on: (Multiple Choice)【n=200】
TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspaper, Website, Mobile apps, Out-of-home


< Region:Singapore >

Q1.What is your preferred choice of meat to be put in curry? (Multiple Choice)【n=205】

Q2.What is your preferred condiment(s) on a sunny-side up?(Multiple Choice)【n=205】


< Region:Singapore>

Q1. From 1 to 6, rank your most favourite to your least favourite vacation destination based on food. (Ranking)【n=205】
【1.Bali、2.Hong Kong、3.Bangkok、4.Korea、5.Japan、6.Taiwan】

Q2.Are you able to find your favourite dishes in the countries above, here in Singapore? (Multiple Choice)【n=205】

Q3.How authentic is the taste here in Singapore? How authentic is the taste here in Singapore? (Scaled Single Matrix)【n=205】


< Region:Singapore>

Q1.From 1 to 6, rank your most favourite to your least favourite type of food place in Singapore.(Ranking)【n=205】
【1.Cafe bistro、2.Casual dining 、3.Fine dining、4.Fastfood 、5Food court/Hawker centre、6.Buffet style】

Q2.Pick the factor(s) that are taken into consideration when choosing a place to eat. (Multiple Choice)【n=205】


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